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2019 Annual Conference & Expo in Grapevine, Texas - April 14th - 17th

Registration for the 2019 Annual Conference & Expo coming to Grapevine, Texas, is now open. Click on this link, Annual Conference, for more information and to register.


2018 Membership Renewal


It is Time to Renew Your ALA Dallas Chapter Membership.

Your membership expires June 30th!  You need to renew before this date so that your membership and online access do not expire.

With our new chapter website, you can renew your membership quickly and easily online! You don’t need to fill out the old paper renewal application. Click here, Member Renewal and follow the instructions below.

Enter your renewal

  • Login using your email address and password.
  • There will be one option available: Regular Membership -- $175 dues valid until 6/30/2019. Then click "Continue."
  • On the next screen, you can make payment arrangements.

To pay quickly and easily by credit card, enter all of the appropriate information and click “Continue.”

If you prefer to pay by check, click the “Bypass Payment” button. The next screen allows you to print a statement by clicking “Print Receipt”.  Mail a copy of the receipt with your check to:

Barbara Kuhlke, Littler Mendelson, 2001 Ross Avenue, Suite 1500, Lock Box 116, Dallas, TX 75201-2931.

  • Now Return to the Member Area and review your information.
  • Click on "Member Information Editor."
  • Confirm that all of your information is correct and complete. You can make the necessary changes right on this screen.

Here is a list of the different sections for you to review for accuracy:

  • Login Information - You can change your password in this section.
  • Name; Primary Contact Information; Business Information - Review the information in these sections and update as needed. Click ‘Save’ when you finish with each section.
  • Custom Fields Section - This information will NOT be displayed in the membership directory regardless of whether or not you check the ‘hide’ checkbox. You do not have to make any changes in this section.  Any information in this section is kept confidential.
  • Image - If you do not have a picture, you can upload one here.
  • Biography - This section is optional.

 If you have problems please contact the Website Committee at



2018 Dallas Chapter Salary and Benefits Survey Is Ready for Purchase!

To order the 2018 Dallas Chapter Salary and Benefits Survey, click on this link, 2018 Dallas Chapter Survey.


Dallas Chapter Honored Again With Presidents' Award of Excellence!

As we begin this new chapter year, let’s begin the celebration with the news that the Dallas Chapter was again honored with ALA’s Presidents’ Award of Excellence. The Presidents’ Award of Excellence, named in honor of ALA Past Presidents, recognizes chapters for their efforts in effective chapter leadership and establishes both mandatory and recommended annual chapter performance standards. A special thanks to Brooks Gould, Past President, and last year’s leadership team (including all committee and section heads) for all your contributions in ensuring the Dallas Chapter is recognized as one of the best!


Peer Connection Lunch on March 23rd

Members of the Peer Connection Committee met for lunch on March 23rd, with several of the chapter's newest members.  Click this link to see photos.


Dallas Chapter ALA Social Networking Opportunity - SPARK!

Want to get to know more people in the Dallas Chapter of ALA?

Well here is an opportunity to do just that - easily, effortlessly, and with impact!

When you register with Spark! Dallas Chapter of ALA, you will receive an email every other month containing the contact info of another member of the Dallas Chapter of ALA.

Sometime during the month, you and the other member should contact each other to meet up for a cup of coffee, a meal, or just Skype to get to know each other. In the monthly email, you'll receive a topic to discuss that will more than likely spark mutual interests, opportunities, deals, or otherwise, benefit from through these valuable connections.

It's that simple! Have Fun and Go Build a New Relationship!

Our next SPARK email will arrive on September 1st. Please sure to register by August 30th using this link, Spark.


Dallas Chapter ALA Featured in the Attorney At Law Magazine, Greater Dallas Edition

Read the interview with Chapter President, Kristy Parker, about our Chapter, its mission and plans for the future by clicking this link, Dallas Chapter ALA.  Also featured here are some our Chapter's past social, charity and educational events.

Check out the Out on the Town section of the Attorney at Law Magazine spotlighting our 2016 Business Partners Expo by clicking this link, 2016 Business Partner Expo.