Classified Job Listing

The Dallas Chapter ALA Job Bank (DCJB) has been created to place prospective employers in touch with legal administrators seeking employment. Potential candidates and employers may contact the Job Bank Chair for more information.

It is important to note that the DCJB will not evaluate or recommend firms or applicants that participate in the DCJB, and that all inquiries are handled in strict confidence.

Applicant Information

Applicants who wish to participate in the Job Bank should contact the Job Bank Chair.

Applicants should notify the Chapter when employment is obtained.

All applicants must meet ALA membership criteria.

Applicant information will not be provided to entities considered to be vendors, including management consultants, and search firms.

Employer Information

Employers who wish to post on the DCJB should contact the Job Bank Chair.

A representative of the DCJB may discuss the function, qualifications, and job components of the legal management position.

When the position is filled, the employer should notify the Job Bank Chair.

Open Positions

The DCJB is pleased to provide the Job Bank-Job Posting service to qualified applicants and local employers seeking professional legal managers. Positions will be posted for 90 days and may be extended upon request. The Dallas Chapter ALA Board reserves the right to reject any and all postings.

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Cherry Petersen Landry Albert LLP

Job Posting
Feb. 25, 2019


Senior Litigation Paralegal


Job Posting
Mar. 18, 2019


Job Posting
Mar. 18, 2019


Job Posting
Mar. 25, 2019


Job Posting
Mar. 26, 2019


Operations Manager

Law Office of David S. Bouscher, II P.C.

Job Posting
Apr. 8, 2019


Job Posting
May. 15, 2019


Office Manager

McKool Smith

Job Posting
May. 16, 2019